Coronavirus (COVID-19) – We Still Have a Clinic Open

We understand that there is currently a lot of concern with regard to transmission of COVID-19 in our community. Happy Healthy Bodies Chiropractic are classified as an Allied Health Professionals Service and under current legislation is able to continue to provide health care services while Victoria is under “Lockdown”.
We have followed recommended government guidelines in respect to minimising the risk of transmission of the disease within our clinic, to ensure that you will be safe whilst you are within the office. So if you are in need of care:

  1. You are allowed under government rules to leave your house for the purpose of seeking medical treatment (including chiropractic treatment).
  2. If you have not already made a booking, please ring the office BEFORE leaving your house. We will ask a few questions and will book you in to a timeslot that ensures that you will be well isolated from other patients.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable about waiting in the waiting room, you can notify the receptionist of your arrival and stay in your car and we will call you when your treating doctor is ready to see you.
  4. If you are a family group, you are requested to notify our reception on your arrival and wait in the car until you are notified by the receptionist that the doctor is ready to see you.

So please stay calm and remember that we are here to help.

Tracey Lademann

Principal Chiropractor


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The health department has given clear guidelines on what to do to manage your health during this COVID-19 lockdown.  Details can be found here.

Doing a fitness program at home can have many advantages over going to a gym, including the primary benefit during these community restrictions of not having to hop in the car and travel – minimising your exposure to COVID-19. Home exercise allows you to stay healthy while on lockdown. This is increasingly important to counteract today’s increased computer time, virtual work environments, stress and restlessness.

However, without guidance, doing exercises in isolation can also come with its own set of risks and challenges.

Incorrect posture during workouts, inappropriate choice of weights or resistance band sizes, and inappropriate exercise intensity are major contributors to many of the “sports” injuries people incur during training at home.

Our clinicians are all qualified to assess your health issues, and are able to provide valuable advice to assist with your home training. These include tips to improve or modify your exercise program to be more optimally aligned with your body’s specific needs. Specificity during exercise helps you to continue to improve and stay well while training at home.

Just as exercise professionals, our clinicians can also guide you how to align your body to get maximum benefit from an exercise – including how to engage your core muscles to decrease the risk of lower back injuries. In addition, they can advise you on the pacing and repetitions that are the most beneficial to your body needs, no matter your fitness level.

If you are constrained to training at home by yourself, we recommend if possible that you bring a mirror into the training area and observe your own posture. This allows you to make corrections while you are training. Additionally, if you are isolated with family or a housemate, their observations may also be valuable; while they might not be professionally qualified, any observations of your training posture to compare to your Chiropractor’s advice can be helpful!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you find that you are experiencing pain during your workout routine or are having trouble doing your normal daily activities immediately following your workout, we recommend that you seek advice from us as soon as possible to avoid the risk of sustaining further injury.

Tracey Lademann

Principal Chiropractor

Thanks to our Chiropractic Assistants

All businesses are now feeling the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Happy Healthy Bodies Chiropractic is no exception.  We are fortunate to be allowed to keep our clinic open during the state-wide lock-down, to allow us to continue to focus on the general health and well being of the community.    The COVID-19 pandemic has added extra challenges to patient care,  as we are now managing patients who may be experiencing extra anxiety, in addition to their existing health issues.

It is during these challenging times, that our receptionists and support staff have proven that great teamwork and innovation are crucial to running our business.  They have had to manage the increased safety measures put in place for all of our staff and patients.   This is no trivial exercise and as principal chiropractor for the business, I would like to publicly thank our Chiropractic Assistants, Melissa, Leah, Lauren and Tasha for their dynamic and passionate support.

Tracey Lademann

Principal Chiropractor

New Service – TeleHealth

In order to help service our patients in this time of crisis, we have implemented TeleHealth.  If you are not aware, this makes it possible  for some of our patients to have a standard consultation with their treating chiropractor via their home computer,  or smart phone from the comfort of their own home.

For current patients whose chiropractic care plan does not involve physical diagnosis or treatment, then this could be right for you.

For new patients, to minimise the time spent in the clinic during this COVID-19 lockdown, we offer the option of splitting your first consultation into two parts: the first part where meet you and discuss health concerns via TeleHealth and the second part is a face-to-face examination, diagnosis and treatment and is done in the clinic with your practitioner.

To be able to use TeleHealth, all you have to have is a smart phone with camera and microphone enabled, or a home computer with camera and microphone enabled.

Then, let our receptionist know that you would like to make a TeleHealth appointment.  Your treating chiropractor will have already told you on your last visit whether this service can be offered to you.

On the day of visit, you will get an email with a link which will get you directly into consultation, via your standard web browser  You will not be required to enter any login details.  The link is unique to you.  The consultation is private and secure, protected by our Cliniko practice management software.

TeleHealth is managed by our practice management software Cliniko, and they have a very detailed explanation on how to go about getting ready for your consultation. (Instructions here)

Following the consultation, we will ring you and organise payment via credit or debit card over the phone.

Tracey Lademann

Principal Chiropractor

Doncaster Clinic – Temporary Closure

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our Doncaster clinic.  Our Ringwood Clinic is still open and it is only 15 minutes away via Eastlink.  If you are in need of care, we encourage you to take the short drive to the Ringwood clinic  (1/73 Bedford Road, Ringwood East) and see the chiropractors there.

We have diverted the phones, but if you want to ring directly, please contact us on 03 9095 7990 and make an appointment.

If you are an existing patient, rest assured that the chiropractors in the Ringwood office will have access to your treatment plans and will be able to manage your healthcare seamlessly.

Tracey Lademann

Principal Chiropractor