New Service – TeleHealth

In order to help service our patients in this time of crisis, we have implemented TeleHealth.  If you are not aware, this makes it possible  for some of our patients to have a standard consultation with their treating chiropractor via their home computer,  or smart phone from the comfort of their own home.

For current patients whose chiropractic care plan does not involve physical diagnosis or treatment, then this could be right for you.

For new patients, to minimise the time spent in the clinic during this COVID-19 lockdown, we offer the option of splitting your first consultation into two parts: the first part where meet you and discuss health concerns via TeleHealth and the second part is a face-to-face examination, diagnosis and treatment and is done in the clinic with your practitioner.

To be able to use TeleHealth, all you have to have is a smart phone with camera and microphone enabled, or a home computer with camera and microphone enabled.

Then, let our receptionist know that you would like to make a TeleHealth appointment.  Your treating chiropractor will have already told you on your last visit whether this service can be offered to you.

On the day of visit, you will get an email with a link which will get you directly into consultation, via your standard web browser  You will not be required to enter any login details.  The link is unique to you.  The consultation is private and secure, protected by our Cliniko practice management software.

TeleHealth is managed by our practice management software Cliniko, and they have a very detailed explanation on how to go about getting ready for your consultation. (Instructions here)

Following the consultation, we will ring you and organise payment via credit or debit card over the phone.

Tracey Lademann

Principal Chiropractor